Client: Mid-size
Industry: Casual/Streetware
Situation: Profitable at EBITDA level, high debts, two core brands with high market visibility, core brand not on the balance sheet
Needs: Debt Restructuring, Asset valorization
Outcome: approved restructuring plan, brands as key collateral
Client: Mid-size
Industry: Automotive supplier
Situation: acquired by a Germany company
Needs: brand and technology know-how not correctely valuated/transferred, unclear assets ownership
Outcome: Correct valuation of brand and know-how, clear licensing and transfer policy
Client: SME
Industry: Jewellery
Situation: well known brand, profitable company
Needs: audit of in-licensing brand contract and re-negociation
Outcome: Valuation for Licensing royalties assesment and new contract design
Client: Mid-corporate – leader in Europe - listed
Industry: Home textiles
Situation: well known brand portfolio, market decline, high level of debts
Needs: corporate restructuring, brand asset allocation
Outcome: Brand Positioning, Brand Portfolio Valuation and dismissal strategy
Client: Large Financial Institutions
Industry: Commercial Banking
Situation: Market leader in SME Lending & Financing
Needs: Innovate the Financing Instruments Portfolio and reinforce the customer relationships
Outcome: Design and Pilot of Brand Financing Instrument (valuation, covenants, pricing), pilot on 100 SME’s
Client: National Public Group Long term Investor for Economic Development
Industry: Public Investment/Funding
Situation: Institution with innovative services for economic development
Needs: Transfer technologies and patents to SME’s from Research and private companies through a Patent Funds (50 M€)
Outcome: Design the Patent Portfolio to be acquired based on key strategic technologies for the country, identify the patent providers and design the business and operating model


Client:  SME

Industry: Truck-Bus

Situation: niche company specialized in Vehicle & Buses tracking systems

Needs: financing (equity)

Outcome:  Tech asset valuation, targeting, decision to hold-on

Clients: SMEs/Mid-Corporate
Industry: Manufacturing
Situation: innovative companies with patent portfolio
Needs: Early warning and actionable intelligence for key innnovation & product dev
Outcome: Alert & Monitoring System about Competitors, Market opportunities and Technology/Patent evolution
Client: Large Corporations
Industry: Telecommunications
Situation: tech & patent porfolio not adequately exploited in B2B
Needs: Identify and qualify industries/applications opportunities
Outcome: Industry & Technology Intelligence, two key industries identified and qualified (Logistics services, Healthcare)
Client: Large Corporation
Industry: Aerospace/Defense
Situation: Huge Patent portfolio (4000) to be exploited
Needs: Establish a licensing strategy, unit and technology marketing program
Outcome: Licensing initiative (design and setup:3 years program), tech transfer for non-core patents, licensing contracts signed
Clients: Chamber of Commerce
Industry: Public Institutions
Situation: Shortage of funds, allocation criteria and ROI
Needs: Innovative services for SMEs
Outcome: Valuation of Intangible Assets of territory industrial districts, design of on-line light valuation interactive model for SME’s and pilot on selected SME’s
Clients: Leading Trading Fair, Entertainement Event, Trade Association
Industry: Gourmet/Sustainable food, Books, Concerts, Professional Association, Chamber of Commerce
Situation: Funding of prestigious events, lack of return valuation
Needs: Measure the economic impact, allocate funds
Outcome: Valuation of the Event’s Brand and of the territory (city, region) economic impact