Demand for Competitive Technology Intelligence is increasing among large companies, SMEs, Research Centres, Investors, and also institutions that need to understand and monitor markets, competitors, technologies and IP scenarios in order to improve their decision processes and get early warning on both threats and opportunities.

Competitive intelligence is defined as the collection, analysis, and application of publicly available information on markets, technology and IP that could affect a company’s business and improve the quality of strategic and operational decisions by adding the perspective of external conditions and events.

ICM Advisors draws on its unique combination of technology know-how, expertise in market, industry analysis, technical and IP intelligence, to create services customized to clients’ needs.

Competitive Intelligence services are supported by a proprietary Advanced Competitive Intelligence System based on the state-of-the-art applications, innovative delivery technologies and global infobases organized by industry, players, technologies and IP. The system can be integrated with internal client intelligence processes, infobases and systems.




The primary and end goal of competitive intelligence is to get early warning about risks and opportunities and to take action on relevant updated information, knowledge, insights and foresights.

Integrated information and insights

  • Market, Competitors, Technology & IP


  • About the external competitive environment and business/technology opportunities
  • Current and timely
  • Accurate and defensible


  • Tracked, processed, interpreted & validated

Actionable – “So What?”

Continuously updated and shareable between functions

Embedded in the key decision processes


  • Confidentiality is key (no trade secret infringements)
  • Code of Conduct


  • Assess competitor’s technological positions and strategies
  • Monitor competition’s moves
  • Develop new products
  • Determine R&D investment allocation decisions
  • Develop Technology Strategy
  • Identify & Monitor technology and IP “gaps” in strategic markets
  • Assess the competitive positioning
  • Identify targets for potential licensing, JV, M&A transactions
  • Select industrial and technology partners
  • Define market entry strategies
  • Identify technologies for in-licensing
  • Perform M&A strategic IP due diligence
  • Identify technology scenario and opportunities
  • Monitor IP litigation risk
  • Benchmark technology & IP portfolios
  • Support technology licensing deal flow

ICM Advisors services will help you integrate and use industry and market competitive intelligence in your business, strategic and marketing planning processes. 

Whether you need research, advice or training, our mission is to support our clients so that they can achieve their growth objectives.

To overcome information fragmentation, correlation,  incompleteness and low relevance ICM Advisors has implemented IRM® CMTI an advanced, scalable CI Services and applications platform.