Financial and investment management expertise is a core competence of ICM Advisors integrated with its deep specialization in Technology, Brand and Intellectual property (IP) and Tech-based business models.

ICM Advisors provides high value added professional services to investors for value extraction and monetization of their investments to achieve the following objectives:

  • Maximize the investment value by exploiting the Technology & IP assets of current Investment Portfolio

  • Reduce Technology & IP strategic and financial risks in the portfolio

  • Build a competitive investment portfolio in promising technologies, IP assets, applications and industry segments

  • Build a revenue generating IP Portfolio (brands, patents, technologies)

  • Identify high quality IP-driven deal flow and increase the value in M&A transactions

  • Early warning of investment opportunities

The focus can be the current Investments Portfolio and/or seizing the opportunities.


We provide services to:

  • Funds

  • Investments Banks

  • Private Equity

  • Venture Capital

  • Family Offices

  • Commercial banks

We collaborate with:

  • Financial advisors

  • M&A Advisors

  • Top Legal firms

  • Fiscal & Accounting firms

  • Investors Relations Agencies

Hundreds of IA and IP assets valuation and valorisation have been executed for:

  • equity investments

  • financial transaction

  • collateralization (asset-backed)

  • monetization (sale & licensing)

  • debt restructuring

  • intangible assets value communication

  • asset acquisition

  • company/technology targeting for M&A

In our financial activities we leverage on Advanced Competitive Market & Technology Intelligence knowhow and technology platform.

For targeting, benchmarking and comparables we do periodic industry, technology and IP research in Consumer and Industrial goods and Investment industry.