Application platform

for the protection and enforcement

of trade secrets and know-how

Trade secrets in the form of processes, methods, techniques, designs, formulas, models, programs, devices, financial and strategic documents, customer lists, contracts or other confidential business documents and information and know-how represent a significant part of a company's economic value.

The growing digitization, the exchange of information outside the company increase the risks of loss of Trade Secret and know-how. Lawsuits for leakage of these assets are increasing in all the world. Protecting and defending is a priority of companies!

TSMOne™ is the ICM Advisors solution that implements the Trade Secret Management process and best practices enabling the protection, enforcement and valorization of trade secrets and know-how assets.

Key Benefits


Trade Secret documents are identified and classified to organize them by dossier, intended as trade secret sets organized around units of classification according the application scope (e.g., product, technology, R&D project, financial infos, contracts with third parties). The profiling / classification of the dossiers is easily customizable according the business requirements. Trade secret defensibility and valuation score, based on 10 parameters, support the protection plan and valorization opportunities identification.

Files updates, E-mail tracing and users access and sharing registers and associated documents are automatically registered on blockchain.
This feature ensures:
- the assignment of a certain date of existence of ownership and secrecy

- immutability over time
- the generation of registration certificates

This feature is one of the pillar of defence and enforcement

The Digital Rights Management, Digital Loss Prevention features allow the definition and application of the access and sharing policy to internal resources or to third parties. Protection is at the level of a single information resource (files, data, e-mail) with user authorization actions in terms of who can access the know-how resource, what they can do with the resource (copy, display, print, share, ...) when they can do it (automatic expiration, data/time interval, ...) and where they can do it (specific devices, IP addresses, ...). Complete e-mail protection and tracing is provided.


The monitoring and auditing feature provides detailed logs and audit trails of access and use of sensitive data to demonstrate compliance with legal, security, and regulatory policies.
TSMOne applies granular policies to ensure that only authorized users can share specific information at the individual document or data level.
The reports are registered on the blockchain and used as element of enforcement.

Users are the managers and professionals of the main company functions.

Legal, Intellectual Property Management, R&D, Production, Commercial, Strategy, Finance.

Everyone generates industrial secrets and that share or confer trade secrets and know-how to third parties 

Use cases
TSMOne is an application platform, flexible, scalable and applicable on business secrets and know-how suitably limited to specific scopes.

Technological flexibility and application features allow solutions for different business sizes and specificities in the industry.
Professional Services
Underlying Technology
The solution operates in a Microsoft Sharepoint and Azure environment using information protection, data loss protection and blokchain features and technologies

How the Solution is delivered
The solution can be delivered in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and on-premise models

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