Intellectual Property is becoming more and more a business issue for companies, investors, research organizations, government authorities and in some extents for financial institutions.

C-level Executives, even if they understand the role of IP in business, still struggle to correlate the ROI and the impact on the business value drivers: IP is frequently loosely connected with technology, business and financial strategy.

While sometimes thought of as a primarily legal department responsibility, today Intellectual Property Value Management (IPVM) is a cross-functional enterprise concern. R&D, marketing, product management and finance are more and more involved in IPVM, as technology and IP portfolios frequently play a critical role in determining company’s performance. Furthermore technological innovation rate and collaborative R&D require a tight control on IP asset generation and sharing.

Furthermore Licensing and IP transactions, from the patent and know-how perspective, as well as trademarks, brands and merchandising, are increasingly active areas of business. Expanded stakeholder involvment and more complex management processes are driving companies to reinforce their IPVM operations, including supporting information systems.




  • Build a competitive IP Portfolio aligned with core and strategic technologies portfolio
  • Generate high quality IP assets
  • Use proactively IP assets in strategy and business development


  • Monetize non-core patents and technologies
  • Increase revenues through technology transfer (licensing, partnership, JV, M&A)
  • Get the maximum return on dismissal
  • Reduce patent portfolio management costs
  • Improve R&D budget allocation (technology make or buy)
  • Measure the performance of Patent Portfolio
  • Avoid risks (infringement, waste of R&D resources)

IP Operations

  • Align and integrate the IP Management with Innovation, R&D and Product Development Processes since the early phases
  • Install auditable IP Management Processes and Policies
  • Enhance Competitive Technology Intelligence capabilities


IP Strategy & Road Map

Patent Portfolio Assessment

Patent Portfolio Competitive Benchmarking

Patent Portfolio Optimization

IP Financing & Monetization

IP Risk Management

Patent Portfolio Performance Management (KPI)