TSMOne© (Trade Secret Management)


is a solution for the protection and valorization


 of Trade Secrets and Know-How


 delivered through a digital platform

TSMOne at a glance

§ Incorporate the best Trade Secret Management practice
§ Prove the global existence, integrity, ownership and the status over time
§ Provide robust legal dossier
§ Make the trade secret assets transferable
§ High security technology
§ Easy to customize and use

Every business function has Trade Secrets that can determine 

the competitive advantage of the company or can be monetized

Drivers for Trade Secret Value Management


Open Innovation
Shortening of Trade Secret lifecycle
Key professional turnover
Legal compliance
Artificial Intelligence

Key Issues in managing Trade Secrets


Value assessment


The Value Management of Trade Secrets has two purposes:

risk mitigation and economic valorization


- Identification and qualification of the most valuable Trade Secrets in business function/processes

- Enabling the legal recognition of Trade Secret to defend and enhance them

- Secure sharing of know-how with staff and third parties

- Reducing the risk of uncontrolled loss of know-how (spillover effect)

- Facilitating the construction of the defensibility dossier in cases of misconducts (staff or third parties)
- Facilitating clear know-how asset identification for transfer and monetization

TSMOne Building blocks


TSMOne© is delivered as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and it is built on well proven, flexible and diffused technologies:

§ Microsoft Azure
§ Ethereum blockchain

providing limitless scalability

Technology architecture allows the integration of new services such as:

§ Supply chain traceability
§ Smart contract for transaction management

TSMOne© uses the blockchain technology as the best tool for the protection of Trade Secret

Delivery Model