We support end-user companies to transform their business models and processes through innovative digital technologies solutions

We serve technology providers (start-up, SMEs, Value Added Distributors, ISVs, OEMs) to exploit their digital assets (know-how, software, platforms, business models) with an end-to-end innovative services offering

Through the lens of our industry expertise

we identify and deliver digital solutions

with the greatest and measurable business impact



Trade secrets and know-how

protection & defense 



Application Know-How 

Solution that implements processes, policies and best practices to protect, defend and valorize trade secrets and know-how by integrating Blockchain, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and DLP (Data Loss Protection) technologies


- E-training for sales and service channels with the use of
   augmented reality

- Business contracts management contracts with the use of
  Rights Management and Artificial Intelligence technologies

- Industrial worker safety with Smart DPI and IoT technologies

- Manufacturing Execution Systems (I4.0 and MES) applications

- Analytics applications on encrypted data from multiple
  sources with confidential computing technologies