How to estimate the value of a technology in a specific marketplace is a complex issue.


We consider the technology assets as a bundling of know-how and IP-related specific assets (patent, copyright, trade secret). The valuation process requires indeed deep expertise, appropriate methodologies and advanced Competitive Technology Intelligence capabilities.


A technology bundle can either be referred to a single patent or to a family of patents, products, processes and technical know-how.


The successful development of any new technology requires a combination of technological, finance and management skills. ICM Advisors  provides advisory and research services to design and develop technology valorization and monetization programmes on behalf of clients in the private and public sectors, including economic development agencies, research establishments and academic institutions.

From the customer point of view, our Technology Value Management (TVM©) service gives management answers to the following issues:

  • What advances are being made in our core technologies?
  • What capabilities do our competitors have and how might they use them against us?
  • Which of our key technologies are maturing and what will replace them?
  • Are we about to be blind-sided? By whom? When? How?
  • Who is working on technologies that could benefit us, and how might we access them?
  • In short, where do we need to focus our technology investments to achieve competitive success?

We have an extensive network of Technology Experts able to deeply understand and assess specific technologies in many products/applications. Our valuation professionals have technical degrees.

We understand the science behind the technology to provide an opinion with greater precision.

We consider all the factors that affect value including useful life, product life on the shelf, price and market demand, and general due diligence.

We go straight to the source by interviewing patent owners and inventors.


In order to valuate technologies and patents ICM Advisors has developed a specific methodology TES© - (Technology Equity Score) that analyzes and assesses 32 metrics elements in 6 areas

  • role of the technology in the market/product segment
  • life cycle postioning
  • quality and asset risk
  • business impact (cost, volume, market share)
  • legal and management status
  • potential in use or exploitation in other markets/applications

In doing so, ICM Advisors leverages its experience in market and industry analysis, technical and competitive intelligence research and market economics in order to provide documented valuation of intellectual property, from single patents to entire portfolios. Valuations are used in capital development, debt financing, asset management, and intellectual property holding design.