|BUSINESS NEEDS DRIVE VALUATIONS|                                                                                                                                   |BROCHURE|

  • Equity valuation for IP asset based partnerships and joint ventures
  • Asset valorization strategies
  • Monetization of non-core patent portfolio
  • Corporate reorganizations – including the transfer of assets between legal entities
  • IP Collateral for lending and debt restructuring
  • Sizing of appropriate royalty rates for asset licensing to third parties
  • M&A transactions with significant Intellectual Property Assets
  • Asset valuation during exit (sale, buyout, bankruptcy)
  • In-use business performance contribution of IP assets
  • Sizing of internal royalty rates for the use of the asset within groups of companies
  • Valuations for Early Stage and Startup Organizations
  • E stablishment of Intellectual Property Holding Companies
  • Transfer Pricing determination
  • Pricing Patents for Licensing in Standard Setting Organizations (FRAND )
  • Pre-Litigation strategy
  • Business and financial communication to investors
  • Size the asset value at risk for insurance purposes
  • Conduct valuations for balance sheet purposes by reporting unit





Intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other intellectual assets) is a highly specialized field.

Intangible Assets and IP valuation is our core expertise. Since the foundation we have significantly invested in specific proprietary valuation methodologies by intangible asset class to integrate and strengthen the existent financial valuation practices.

To ensure defensible, accurate valuations, we use standard financial valuation methodologies recognized by the financial communities integrated by our own state-of-the-art IP equity measurement methodologies

ICM Advisors’ proprietary framework for valuing IP assets addresses all key elements impacting IP value and encompasses asset strength score, market opportunities, role of IP and estimated economic benefits.

For each asset class ICM Advisors has developed an asset equity score that valuates the strength and the potential from business and financial point of view.Robust valuations require an extensive and updated Competitive Intelligence analysis.

The firm owns a proprietary advanced Global Competitive Market & Technology Intelligence System with financial, industry, marketing, technology and patent infobases organized and constantly updated by ICM Research & Competitive Intelligence unit.