Intellectual property assets are indeed key factors in technology-driven M&A deals particularly in IP-intensive industries, such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technology, mechatronics, materials, chemicals and ICT.

IP assets are a component of virtually every deal and drive many medium-high technology merger or acquisition strategies. Often one of the main rationale for acquiring a strategic target company, and/or reinforcing the purchase price, is the “proprietary” intellectual property (“IP”) owned or under development.

ICM Advisors (ICM) as a well-established advisory firm in value management of Intangibles/IP assets believes that investors should focus more on the strategic and financial value of this assets class by identifying and leverage the opportunities in their current investment portfolio or in building a new one. There are also risk issues not only from the legal point of view but from strategic and financial point of view that need to be continuously monitored.

ICM has been one of the first firms in Europe to develop a full-service practice for valuating, managing and monetizing Technology & IP portfolios and has been involved in high profile projects in this area for over 13 years. Financial expertise is a core competence of ICM and it is integrated with its specialization on Intangibles Assets (IA) and Brand/Technology/IP Value Management.

Since the foundation Technology & IP Finance practice has been the focus of ICM, hundreds of IA and IP assets valuation and valorization have been executed for:

  • licensing;
  • fund raising;
  • equity position in new venture;
  • collateralization (debt restructuring, asset-backed loan);
  • monetization (sale & licensing);
  • asset acquisition;
  • company/technology targeting for M&A.

In our IP Finance activities we leverage on a proprietary advanced Competitive Market & Technology Intelligence know-how and technology platform managed by our Intangible Equity Research Unit (ICM Research). For targeting, benchmarking and comparable we perform recurrent industry, technology and IP research in Consumer, Industrial goods industries and technologies.