The Italian Fashion System, aggregation of clothing, textiles, jewellery, footwear, leather and tanning, is one of the excellence of Made in Italy, evidence proved by the economical results and especially the positioning internationally recognized to the companies operating in the sector.

Key component of the economic and manufacturing Italian fabric, the chain of textile and fashion has generated in 2013 a turnover of more than € 50 billion, more than half coming from exports, through the activity of about 50 thousand companies with more than 410 thousand people. Despite the current economic climate, one of the most delicate of the last decades, the sector shows positive signs and in 2014 may exceed the amount of € 52.5 billion in revenue. The improvements are expected in a cross way to the entire supply chain, both upstream sectors and in those further downstream. Leading the increase in total revenues in 2014 exports, expected close to 29 billion euro ( 5.6% on 2013) with a share of 55% of total sales and oriented, as well as the increasingly important Asian markets , back to Europe, USA and Canada.

The chain of textile and fashion is characterized by the presence of major asset for our country, often intangible elements such as know-how present in people, capacity for innovation and creativity that are recognized to the products of Italian companies in international markets. The brand is a powerful vehicle for all these values, especially in the current economic environment.

To maintain, then, in high regard, both for the volumes generated both for the number of active enterprises, it is the jewellery of Made in Italy. The main emerging trends such as aging populations in mature markets, which will result in an increase of high-income consumers who are turning to high jewellery, where margins are higher combined evolving tastes of consumers in the emerging markets, which is gradually converging toward the high end segments, represent a unique opportunity to enhance know-how, creativity typical of the jewels Made in Italy. If properly anticipated, therefore, the future evolutions of the market are an important development opportunity for many Italian brands that today are not fully exploiting their potential.

Other important sectors of the Italian Fashion System are undoubtedly made from leather goods and footwear. These two areas are in fact historically among the most profitable of the whole system and enjoy great popularity in international markets, two elements that can be a real point of re-starting for many small and medium-sized excellent enterprises in our country.

Despite every segment of the fashion of Made in Italy is characterized by its specificity, it is possible to read cross way some common needs that can develop into significant opportunities for growth and development. In particular, looking at the development of the sector and to the changing prospects, we must pay great attention to emerging markets in order to initiate structured processes of internationalization of corporate brands by placing them in a manner consistent with the evolution of the attitude of the consumer.

The approach to new consumers must be guided by clear brand strategies that allow the excellence of the fashion of Made in Italy fashion to anticipate trends in target markets and, through appropriate promotion initiatives, leveraging the uniqueness that characterizes the products of the Made in Italy worldwide.